8 Days… Countdown to Circumnavigation

One thing I have done in preparing for this Circumnavigation trip is check out the work of other “bloggers”.  They often provide inside information that spares you the “cost” of an education once you arrive.  Many live or lived in that area for extended periods, so they’re providing real information, not impressions.

Here are some of the ones I’ve used for our needs.  These combine “motivation” with valuable tips and information:

Thrifty Nomads:  Jen and Ted are frugal-minded Canadians.  In 2012 they sold everything, quit their jobs, and haven’t looked back since. 

Nomadic Matt:  His one goal in mind… “How can I help other people travel better for less?”

Expert Vagabond:  Provides a place for people looking for daily inspiration & motivation to live a life full of adventure.

Bootsnall:  Great RTW planner.

Rowland Around the World:  Two sisters from the UK whose motto is “If things may seem to go wrong just remember its all part of the adventure (and it makes a great story!).”

Love travelling (Little Miss Traveller):  She’s an independent traveler blogging about visits to countries near and far, personally researching destinations without the need for a tour guide or packaged trip.  Provides very detailed reports along the way.

I’ll also mention friends of this blog you may like to visit:

No Back Home:  Karilyn Owen reflect her interests in the outdoors, explorations around her new home city of Los Angeles, family travels around the globe as well as some of her favorite travel products discovered along the way.

Kelsey Schmitt: She and husband Gavin document their adventures and share travel tips and tricks.

Caitlin Jean Russell:  Offers interesting travel tips, photographs and experiences.

Loveselfcatering:  Loveselfcatering brings you the very best in self catering holidays, breaks and weekend getaways across the UK and Europe.

About Something Around: Thomas & Lynn, a Belgian couple with a ton of wanderlust and curiosity!

The Adventures of Elat Boy:   Aaron is the elATLboy or “The Hispanic Atlanta Boy”.  He’ll playfully talk about his past, current and future travels from Michigan, Atlanta, New Zealand and beyond.

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